Through research, digital exploration, historical and contemporary examinations, #LSR Corps brings together a diverse group of partners to experience the lower Schuylkill River as it never has been before. Three separate projects bring diverse perspectives to our "hidden river".

Hearing Rivers

The Eastwick Oral History Project documents the rich history and complex cultural life of Eastwick — a vibrant community in Southwest Philadelphia. Via oral history and related documentation including photography walking/driving interviews, we ask participants to tell their life stories through the lens of place, and to reflect on the cultural life and cultural landscape of their own Eastwick and to trace the history of the community through their own life and family narratives.

Research Rivers

In tandem with other LSRCorps initiatives, the River Research Seminar begins meeting in October 2016. It is a collaborative place-based research seminar designed to build a core of regional scholars whose work explores the Schuylkill River and Philadelphia’s urban waters, connecting them across disciplines from hydrology to history. The seminar works closely with community partners whose collaboration also informs the seminar’s research questions and priorities.

Digital Rivers

The LSRiver App will develop interactive tours of the Lower Schuylkill River by foot, bike, and boat. The collaborative, audio-based Smartphone tour of the river integrates the history, ecology, community, and measured environmental parameters for tour participants.